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United Floor Care of Virginia Beach offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning services and take pride in providing quick and effective cleaning solutions. They will clean and restore deeply soiled carpets and will use the most appropriate cleaning method for your carpets.

Our cleaners offer exceptional services and use superior equipment and cleaning products using eco-friendly products. They will clean all stains, oils, spots, and dirt that have been sitting on your carpets for months / years. Then the powerful cleaning solutions will be used to break up debris, dirt, and bacteria. These cleaning solutions are very effective and don’t require large amounts of water. Thus, your carpet will dry quickly. Our professional cleaners will use special extraction equipment to remove dust, pollutants and clean your carpet fibers.

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can rely on our cleaning staff. Residential carpet cleaning is an effective solution for stain and odor removal. We will deal with different types of stains and will remove the toughest coffee, glue, and wine stains. This solutions are also safe for children, pets and the environment.

We offer low moisture cleaning at your request as well as green cleaning solutions.

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Upholstery Cleaning

In any home or office, furniture items play a large role in both functionality and appearance. These items may start off looking plush and clean, but they receive a lot of wear and gradually become saturated with environmental pollutants including dead skin cells, body oils, food residues, gases, pollens and bacteria. These pollutants not only spoil the appearance of your upholstery but may also be hazardous to your health! Regular professional cleaning will remove soiling and help your upholstery look great and last longer. Our qualified technicians are skilled and experienced in considering unique aspects of furniture upholstery in terms of construction and materials. They use specialist equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to provide a steam clean specifically tailored for the upholstery in your home, office, car, boat or plane.

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